Club Committee, Coaches and Captains

Chiswick RFC Committee – 2018/19 Season:

President Garry Fielder
Chairman Kelvin Campbell
Secretary Gavin Nichols
Treasurer Ben McBrown
Club Captain Gabriel Lowe
Fixture Secretary Kelvin Campbell
Bar Chairman Helen Fish
Ground Chairman Tony Gilson
Membership Secretary James Dibble
Recruitment Stu Parmeter
Sponsorship Tom Steer
Minis and Youth Chairman Wim Hulme
Minis and Youth Development Simon Hallett
Press Officer Dave Lovell
Maroon Club Manager Ben McBrown
Club Officer Simon Hallett
Club Officer Simon Allen-Clark

Playing Management Team – 2018/19 Season:

Head Coach Andrew Barrington
Front Five Coach Shane Donaldson
1st XV Coach Sinan Rabee
Head of Sports Therapy Ania Ciszewska
Club Captain Gabriel Lowe

Squad Captains – 2018/19 Season:

1st XV Squad Captain Sam Leslie Miller
2nd XV Squad Captains George Bibby and Matt Arber
3rd XV Squad Captains Dan Stalker, Miguel Roman and Sam Withers
4th XV Squad Captains Greg Bastille, Guy Mason and Rob Tillen
Veterans Squad Captains Simon Hallett and Keith Luckman