Blast From The Past – Jan Joubert

Chiswick RFC former prop takes a trip down memory lane. In our first  of weekly interviews with former players, we caught up with Jan Joubert

Name: Jan Joubert

Years with Chiswick RFC: 2006 – 15

Clubs: Mosselbay RFC

Position: Hooker/Prop

Current role at Chiswick RFC: Retired supporter from Yorkshire

Most memorable Chiswick moment(s)?

Winning Middlesex Bowls 2007 and 2008, Middlesex Cup 2013 and Winning playoff promotion to London 1 …so many memories playing for Chiswick RFC.

Best player you played with at Chiswick?

I was lucky to have played with some incredible players during my time with the likes of Kelv, Tubsy, Shane to start with then Gibbo, Chesty, King Keith and of cause Mr Jones. Also Tom Adams,  Hansie, Bear, little G, Delaney, safe hands Hammond, Robot Duffy then my Aussie brothers Stu, Dave, Alex and Mr Tonkin who could play 10 on a rainy day .

Towards the later stages Sam Lazy Miller, Luca, Dr Godfrey,  Simon Hallett, Fat Gabs, Mr Steer, Riki and probably the best back I ever played with in Jo Grindle who was a special player.

So many exceptional players and team mates can’t name all of them but one player forced the move from Hooker to Prop and that was Mr Glenn Tucker who had the best rugby brain in the business. I had to learn how to prop or play 2nd team rugby. In the end I thoroughly enjoyed playing prop more than hooker.

What was it like scrummaging with James Dibble?

Mr Dibbles main job was to keep us on the pitch through his charm. Not a bad scrummager when his feet were on the ground but couldn’t hit a barn door in the line out!!

What do you wish to see from Chiswick RFC in the future?

Chiswick RFC is part of my DNA the club was my family and still is.

It’s great to see how the club has grown with the minis and also the senior teams.

The new pitch looks fantastic and I hope one day the club house will be finished. I would love to see Chiswick RFC join the National leagues, that would be a huge achievement for such a small community-based club

All the Best boys,



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