Blast From The Past – Jonathan Gibson

Chiswick RFC’s former Captain takes a trip down memory lane in the second of our weekly interviews with former players, we caught up with Jonathan Gibson.

Name: Jonathan Gibson

Years with Chiswick RFC: 2009 – 2015

Clubs: Newbury RFC, Exeter RFC & Chiswick RFC

Position: Centre

Current role at Chiswick RFC: Supporter

Most memorable Chiswick moment(s)?

This is so hard! The journey we went on from Hearts & Middlesex 2 when I first joined to where we got to when I left was so much fun. I was lucky to join the club at just the right time.

My first memorable moment was during the Middlesex Bowl Final against Teddington. Their flyhalf was having a great game and although we were still confident in winning he was causing us problems, up steps Steffan Davies aka Tubsey! I think he said something like “I’ll deal with the f**ker”. The next thing I know the flyhalf tries to run down the blind side, “dipping” straight into a very large Tubsey shoulder. The outcome was a yellow card for Tubsey, who was happy because he was knackered, and the flyhalf having to go off injured. I think we would have won the game anyway but that moment was one that I remember!

The second was our first promotion. The group of players we had at the time was incredible and getting promoted with your mates is what playing team sports was all about.

The Third was my final 1st team game for Chiswick and our promotion playoff win. Being honest we didn’t play that well and normally we would have beaten Diss quite comfortably but the occasion made it a scrappy game. However when the final whistle went and we knew we had done it and it being my last game, that was a special moment and one I will never forget.

Best player you played with at Chiswick? 

This is the hardest question and one I can’t really answer. I was very very luck to play with some amazing rugby players at Chiswick. I see it today (when I get to come down) that the calibre of player Chiswick attracts allows us to punch way above our station. I have to mention my centre partner for most of my time at Chiswick Chesty! We had such a good understanding of each other’s games that we just knew what each other were going to do. 

I also have to mention Als Pickering (War Machine) as if it wasn’t for him dragging me to Chiswick I would have missed out on so many amazing memories.

I would love to list out all the players but it would be too long and boring!! 

What was it like playing outside Simon Hallett? 

HAHA, I was lucky enough to play outside King Keith for my first few seasons at Chiswick so when this hooker Hallett came along and wanted to play flyhalf I thought there was no way he could be better! All jokes aside playing outside Boris Johnson, I mean Hallett, was great. His skill set and defence made my life easier and even when he couldn’t walk he would put his body on the line. He had a great ability to control games and that kick in the playoff final was something special He has been a Chiswick legend ever since he came down to the club and in years to come he will be the new Goose!

What do you wish to see from Chiswick RFC in the future?

I want to see Chiswick back in London 1 where they belong and pushing for promotion. Chiswick is by far the best club I have ever been a part of and I think everyone that has played there would say that they just want to see all teams continue to turn out sides and the minis to become a real feeder into the senior teams.

Keep an eye out for next weeks Blast From The Past.


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