Blast From The Past – Riki Darroch

Chiswick RFC former flanker takes a trip down memory lane. In our weekly interviews with former players, we caught up with Riki Darroch

Name: Riki Darroch

Years with Chiswick RFC: 6 seasons, 2011/12-2016/17

Clubs: Mt Maunganui, NZ

Position: Flanker

Current role at Chiswick RFC: Returned to New Zealand, so now a life long supporter from afar!

Most memorable Chiswick moment(s)?

I’ve been involved in so many successful moments playing for Chiswick, there’s the season of 2014/2015 where we won promotion to London 1, there’s the Middlesex cup win and of course the Intermediate Cup run we had. 

But when I really think about this question, the most memorable moment for me was the game against Welwyn back in 2012 when I got my first cap for the 1st XV. We didn’t win but walked away with a 12-12 draw. I scored two tries that day, one was my first touch of the ball, running a ‘green circle’ off Gibbo, and the second a textbook back of the maul try from a lineout drive. It was one heck of a debut in my books, and one I will not forget. 

Best player you played with at Chiswick?

If there is one player you could rely on when on the pitch, it without a doubt would be Tom Adams. ‘Tadams’ was a machine. He was my flanking partner for four seasons, sacrificed life and limb for the team and an absolute gent off the pitch. 


What was it like playing in the backrow with Sam Leslie Miller?

Playing alongside Sam was awesome, he was a very vocal and supportive player and a really strong ball carrier. He had the skills and mindset that all decent no8’s should have. He made some absolutely stunning moments happen on the pitch – his 45m sideline Jonah Lomu type run against Maidstone for one and he seemed to replicate that time and time again whenever the opportunity arose. 

What do you wish to see from Chiswick RFC in the future?

In the near future I’d like to see Chiswick back up there in London 1 where we belong, I think the guys could’ve had really good chance this year if the season wasn’t cut short. 

And as for the long-term future, I would love it to see Chiswick RFC still flourishing at the 100-year mark (2058) – I know I’ll be booking a plane ticket to be at that party, so I can dance and jump off the bar with the guys again!

Chiswick has been a massive part of my life (my wife’s too), we wouldn’t change a single minute of it for anything and we miss seeing our extended family every Saturday. Hannah and I have met some amazing people and made lifelong friends along the way. We both wish every success to all of those back at the club. 

Are my days at Chiswick done? We will see…


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