London to Amsterdam – the boys are off again

Following the success of the London to Paris ride in 2017, a selection of Chiswick RFC Senior and Junior members will be attempting to eclipse the feat for 2018 – London to Amsterdam. OK sure, that includes a Eurostar from London to Lille but that’s still a MASSIVE 320km – 50km more than last year, and still done inside three days!

More miles, more sweat, more sore backsides…

Image: Last year’s team in traffic

All in the name of two wonderful causes:

The Royal Trinity Hospice – who took wonderful care of Rocky (our beloved former coach) and continue to do amazing work, and

Chiswick RFC, the community rugby club that brought us together and relies heavily on its membership support to provide a wonderful sports and social scene for all ages (seniors and juniors) and sexes.

If you would like to donate to this worthy fund raiser, please progress via the link –

The riders compromise of:

  • Sam Biss – current player and tour organiser
  • Ben Cattliff – current player and minis coach
  • Dan Sutherland – current player
  • James Edgson – current player
  • James O’Dea – minis coach
  • Rory McLaughlin – current player
  • Tom Muskett – former player

Last year's riders about to set off

Image: Last year’s team before they set off

With the welcomed support of current players, Phil Wolstenholme and Rob Barton who will be supporting in the van – a very appreciated role!

Image: Last year’s team celebrate their arrival at the Parc des Princes

The team sets off in under 2 weeks on Wednesday 18th July from London King’s Cross to Lille via the Eurostar, then setting off on the bikes for:

Day 1 (18th July) – Lille, France to Brussels, Belgium.

Day 2 (19th July) – Brussels, Belgium to Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Day 3 (20th July) – Rotterdam, Netherlands to Amsterdam, Netherlands.

All of us at Chiswick RFC wish the team the best of luck and safe travels! 


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