Match Centre - 08/10/2016 - 2:30 pm

Cup 1

Chiswick 2nd XV
Belsize Park RFC


Match Details

On a glorious afternoon for a bit of footy, Chiswick II played host to Belsize Park II in the MMT Cup on a still very firm track (and no, it did not take a stud). Belsize Park II are top of the 2nds league and with Chiswick being in 2nd position, it looked like it was going to be a cracking game. Chiswick put out a very impressive backline but we only had 14 players (until Dackers helped us out), a few dayboo’s and multiple sore heads from Friday night spent in the city.

The numbers games are below but before that, please lads if you say you can play then please turn up. No team likes running out with 14 men and having to kindly ask the 3rd team for a player so we have a full team.

Markings are from 1(terrible) – 10 (rugby god)

  1. Freddie ‘the Fridge’ Gnyatuk- 7 – First run out of the season for the big fella, complained about the pitch being to big but put in a good shift and we look forward to having him for the rest of the season.
  2. James ‘I like seeing stars’ Dibble- 6 – Would have been a 7 but is not attending Octoberfest so goes down a point. Good afternoon for the veteran hooker even after describing his hangover as ‘the worst I have ever had’
  3. Marc ‘I can’t scrummage for toffee’ Copperwheat- 7 – First full 80 at tighthead in his career and really appreciated the technical advice from the Centre’s and wingers on how to go backwards more gracefully.
  4. Richard ‘crash, bang, wallop’ Bryan- 8 – Top performance from Rich and will be pushing Les for the 8 shirt very soon in the 1s. Great hit at the end to lift the boys.
  5. Jonathan ‘ladies man’ Joyce- 7 – Would have been an 8 but is missing Octoberfest so goes down a point. Try scorer off Putney ball and loads of metres made. Good to have this man back after enjoying a prolonged summer vacation.
  6. Dackers ‘Hero’ – 7 – Played nearly a full game for the 3rds and came over to help us out. Not sure a few jars the night before helped.
  7. Blake ‘What a dayboo’ Wise – 9 – Great dayboo from this delightful chap. Everyone appreciates a 7 that hits backs just after the ball has gone. Will be pushing for 1st team very soon. 3rd place finish in the rig contest.
  8. Malek ‘the barrel’- 8 – The Centre come back row gave the team go forward all game. If Malek continues to improve then the change to back row could be very fruitful for Chiswick in the 1s and 2s.
  9. Russ ‘best pass in the club’ Dovey – 8 – Great service to the backs and cleared up a lot of mess from the forwards. 2nd place finish in the rig contest.
  10. Dave ‘silver fox’ Hill – 8 – Captain for the day and try scorer kept his sliced kicks, missed tackles, forward passes and kicks straight out to a career best all-time low.
  11. Daniel ‘touched the ball twice’ Purkiss – 7- Came looking for the ball, only for it to go the other way but helped marshal the defence from out wide and plenty of fire/ice calls to keep our line speed solid all game.
  12. Thomas ‘chop, chopper’ Harper – 9.5- MOM. Would have been a 10 but gave Dave a pass when clean through (no wants Dave to score). The best defender in the club was a class act in defence (some good rib ticklers) and got us go forward with some intelligent lines. Will be pushing for the 1st team recall as long as his hamstring doesn’t go TWANG.
  13. Barnaby ‘glass’ Ware – 8 – a full 80 minutes from Barny, I repeat a full 80 minutes from Barny. After hearing Barny only managed 5 games in 3 years at university, a full 80 minutes from him is quite remarkable. More importantly, won the top rig competition in the team #chassis
  14. Andy ‘always smiling’ Ibberson – 8 – always a pleasure playing with Ibs and always makes people very relaxed in the team and brings a lot of fun to the game. Quality player as well and links with Mike at full back brilliantly to make break after break.
  15. Mike ‘footwork’ Gregson – 8 – Cut through the oppositions defence time after time. Linked with his support runners superbly and enjoyed his afternoon.
  16. Rory ‘headless chicken’ Mclaughlin – 7 – turned up for the 2nd half and his energy really helped the team maintain our momentum.


Top effort from everyone and it was agreed that all involved enjoyed themselves. To beat a side that had been running in tries for fun and were very good should give us all a massive confidence boost. With the backline that the 2nds can put out (special mention Harper, Ware, Ibberson, Gregson and Dovey who are all class acts) and with some quality ball carriers in the pack (special mention to Bryan, Joyce and Wise) this team should aim to win the league and cup this season.

Dave Hill summarized the afternoon beautifully on facebook later that night:

‘Today was one of the best games of rugby I’ve ever been a part of. Everyone in the team gave 100% and nothing less. It was the toughest opposition we have played for the last few years and they pushed us for 80 mins. We never gave up and our defence was outstanding. So many stand out performances, we raised the bar today. My 12 today, Thomas Harper, was epic, smashed anything that came near him, cut some great lines, and gave me the easiest try I’ll score all year. We remain unbeaten, bring on whomever is next!!!’

See you on Tuesday; I will be on the physios bench getting my back straightened.


Marc Copperwheat