Musical Bingo is BACK!

Musical Bingo is BACK at Chiswick Rugby Club

The Musical Bingo team returns to Chiswick RFC on Saturday 26th January (just under 3 weeks away), following successful events in January 2016 and 2017!!! This is a VERY Social event and potential to be one of the biggest in this season’s calendar! The team’s return follows performances at last summer’s Isle of Wight Festival and is labelled as “London’s Ultimate Interactive Club Night” by Time Out magazine, and receives further praise from the Londonist.

But, what is Musical Bingo

It’s just like regular bingo, but instead of shouting out numbers the Musical Bingo team plays songs! Each round takes on a different theme of song choices, and these could be based on either a decade, genre or a just a random quirky topic. Unique cards are handed out whilst one of the hilarious, entertaining compere’s introduce the rules and the Prizes. Then it’s over to the DJ as they spin a quick fire medley of tunes while players simply mark ‘em of their bingo cards accordingly. Prizes are won for one, two and three lines, and finally the Grand Prize: The Full House! Oh, and If that wasn’t enough excitement already, then you can also expect some other little twists along the way, like the ‘multi choice mystery boxes’, and the chance to gamble your grand Prize winnings on the ‘Killer Question’ – what will you decide to do?

The evening is typically 2.5 hours, but will lead into the night! To add to the fun, the club is encouraging Musical fancy dress i.e. Rock, Popstars, whatever you choose! This is certainly one to bring the Wife/Girlfriend to, but also your friends and family!!! As the club is outlaying for this entertaining night, the evening is ticketed at a very reasonable £15.

Buy your tickets here –

When – Saturday 26th January from ~7pm

Where – CRFC Clubhouse

Theme – Music (Rockers, Popstars, etc…)

Volunteers are always needed. If anyone wishes to get involved in the running/helping the kitchen on the night, that would be appreciated. Please get in contact with Wee Man (

Please support the event! Without you buying the tickets, we can’t put these special events on! As stated, this is a ticketed event – from 7pm the clubhouse will only be open to those with a ticket on the evening.


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