The Meat Room to Award MOTM with Tomahawk Steak

This Saturday against Welwyn, The Meat Room, Twickenham will be giving the Man of the Match a 700-1000g Tomahawk steak!

The new butchers in nearby Twickenham have also pulled together some great time limited offers for members. Just pop in and say you’re from Chiswick RFC to take advantage:

Medium Family Pack

1 x red tractor assured 1.3-1.5kg chicken

6 x English chicken breast

6 x chicken legs

6 x thick pork sausages

8 x slices of dry cured bacon

12 x beef or lamb meatballs

2 X 400-450g lean beef mince

2 x 10oz rump steaks

400g diced beef

RRP £70

Chiswick RFC £45

Rugby Pack

6 x 200-230g chicken breast

1 x 400g packs of ultra lean steak mince

6 x thick chicken or pork lean sausages

4 x 6oz steak burgers

2 x 9-10oz  sirloin  steaks

8 x 6-8oz marinade chicken thighs

Retail price £60

Chiswick RFC  £35

Gym Pack

10 x 200-250g 100% chicken fillets

2 x 400-450g 95% lean beef mince (pad muscle )

1 x 400-450g 100% lean diced beef (pad muscle )

1 x 400-500g 100% chicken strips (can be Piri Piri)

4 x 170-200g 95% lean beef burgers (pad muscle)

10 x 95% lean beef meatballs (pad muscle)

2 x 150-200g turkey breast steaks (skin off and fat removed )

4 x 160-200g extra lean rump steaks ( noisette or remove all fat from rump )

6 x lean meaty sausages

Retail price £96

Chiswick RFC price £50

Or visit them online at:


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