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Let’s have a chat about rugby in West London.

Specifically, Chiswick Rugby Football Club.

And even more specifically, about Juniors rugby in Chiswick.

The rugby season started again this weekend.  And that means a lot.  I have had my own son at Chiswick for 5 years.  It has done us both wonders.   Being able to say he plays rugby at Chiswick RFC means something to him, he is deeply proud of it, we both are.

I have loved seeing him develop sporting intelligence and maturity as he grows up faster than I’d like.

Right now is a great time for your player to start the same journey.  Age groups are mixed until Under 12 – girls and boys both develop through rugby which the club embraces. Age groups start at Under 6s who can cater for 4-year olds as well.

Chiswick Rugby Football Club, based in Dukes Meadows is an open, friendly, social, and (most importantly for kids) FUN club.

The new season starts this coming weekend. Your player can have a free trial session, and of course, there is always the RFU supported world-class pitch that kids get to play on.  The clubhouse has been redone and the bar, kitchen, and social area are in full swing.

Sessions are Sunday 10:00 – 11:30 so you still get a lie-in without having to rush.

Like everywhere there are updated operations procedures in place to maximize safety in these times, which are rules we strictly adhere to as a safety-first club. These are developed officially by the RFU with whom the club is in constant communication.

If you are still thinking and not sure about whether this is for you, let’s break down some stats.

On average each player attends 90 mins of rugby, during which they cover on average 2kms. This happens through warmups, drills, exercises, and of course matches, especially for the older year groups. Each player usually attends around 30 sessions in a season, which runs from September to May (This assumes you take a week off here and there for holidays….)

The simple math is thus. 30 Sessions, times 2kms, equals 60kms for your player. There simply is no better way to get your player moving this much!

And these stats are very conservative. Depending on your child it could easily be double this – all while having fun and without a parent having to cajole, convince or nag. The coaches actively plan how to make it FUN so that your player will be looking forward to it every week.

Not to mention the health benefits of being active, especially at a younger age, are undeniable as are healthy habits.

Add to that there are new friends to be made, and “screen time” to be avoided whilst in a beautiful area of Chiswick and you cannot really say no, at least until you’ve tried it.

The Junior coaches always smile when a new player joins the group. Parents can help if they want or are also just as welcome to watch and bask in the sun (it did not even rain much last winter on Sunday mornings!!)

When you add all this up, add in the annual bonfire, multiple BBQs, festivals, and annual Rugby Tour you have something incredible.

Juniors Rugby in Chiswick is one of W4’s best sports offerings. And it is open to you for your player, now.

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