Under 6s

Our under 6 group is our biggest group and we encourage all our boys and girls to develop their skills with the game by focusing on each child’s own abilities and helping them work together as a team.

Personal and Social Physical and Movement

Enjoy Activity

The child:

  • Enjoys the activity.

Follow simple instructions

The child:

  • Can follow basic instructions.
  • Is directed to make some decisions themselves.

Move with Agility and Balance

The child can:

  • Move quickly, change direction and dodge obstacles.

Perform a single skill with control

The child can:

  • Take and receive a pass.
  Game Understanding   Skill Focus

 Demonstrate basic spatial awareness

The child can:

  • Recognise space and how to utilise it.

Adopt basic team techniques

The child can:

  • Switch roles from attack to defence and work with a team to the same objective.

General game play

The child can:

  • Avoid tackles, utilise space

  Rules   Competition Framework
  •  4 v 4
  • 12m x 20m
  • Knock-on not penalised
  • Size 3 ball
  • Competition is within the group



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