RFU Tickets

International Ticket Allocations

Chiswick RFC receives an allocation of tickets from the RFU for England’s home internationals.  Tickets are for the personal use of Chiswick RFC members only – terms and conditions below.

Applications for tickets can be made to the club secretary – note you must be a fully paid up member (either playing or non-playing) of Chiswick RFC at the time of application.

International Ticket Terms & Conditions:

  • Tickets obtained through the club may not be resold or transferred. If tickets are obtained by a member for more than one person, the obtaining member must accompany the party to the Stadium.
  • Under no circumstances are unwanted tickets to be advertised for resale, tickets are not to be sold to unauthorized persons at the Stadium (touts). The RFU cooperate with the local police and touts arrested with tickets in their possession will have the tickets confiscated and the Serial Nos passed to the RFU for investigation, the RFU also monitor internet auction sites (EBay etc) adverts will be suspended and an investigation conducted. Both the RFU and the Club record ticket sales by Serial No in order to monitor sales according to the terms & conditions of sale.
  • Any breach of these conditions may lead to the suspension of member’s privilege to apply for England International tickets in the future and may also affect the club’s future allocation.

Full details of the RFU Terms & Conditions can be found at: http://www.rfu.com/Tickets/TermsAndConditions.aspx